With years of experience in farming and cleaning their own grain, brothers and co-founders, Lavern and Sheldon Affleck left the farm and launched their own mobile processing plant. Constantly challenging themselves to think “outside the box”, Mobil Grain offers innovative solutions for forward-thinking producers and buyers.

In 2008, when Mobil Grain founder, Sheldon Affleck, found himself at a meeting where CN was discussing their intention to abandon this beautiful stretch of rail, he saw a golden opportunity. Through negotiation and shareholder investments this 136 kilometer track, which runs from Regina north to Davidson, soon became the heartbeat of Mobil Grain operations.

Following the success of Last Mountain Railway, Mobil Grain acquired this 402 kilometer rail-line running southwest of Saskatoon. Big Sky Rail provides producers with a competitive freight alternative and ensures that the railroad stays active and available for Saskatchewan’s vast delivery needs.