The efficiently-designed, loop track port facility coincides with Mobil Grain's unique ability to deliver unit trains of railcars ready for unload - enough railcars, in fact, to fill entire vessels.

Located along the Mission river in Thunder Bay, Ontario, MobilEx Terminal Ltd. connects producers and exporters alike with
competitive worldwide markets.

How does it work?

A lineup of product-filled railcars arrive to MobilEx (a port station originally designed and used by CN).

As the cars steadily roll through the fully-enclosed shed, hydraulic railcar openers release the compartment doors, dumping the product into the conveyors below. The product is conveyed out of the building and upwards, splitting off into two more conveyors. These two conveyors pivot and roll along track guides (controlled by an operator sitting directly above the spout) to evenly fill the ship. The loading process is continuous, allowing the vessel to be filled very quickly.